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Picture Books

Picture books live in the library on the KS1 corridor. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Y2 can choose one to bring home in their library time. Picture books can also be for older & experienced readers & these are in the 'oversize' section of the library on the KS2 corridor.

You Can't Take An Elephant on the Bus - Patricia Cleveland Peck & illustrated by David Tazzyman.

The animals are finding it difficult to find a good way to travel. The Elephant doesn't fit on the bus, the centipede can't get his roller skates on, and many of the others are struggling too. Funny, full of rhymes and wise travel advice. 

Oi Get Off Our Train - John Burningham

 A classic children's picture book which really stands the test of time. There's an environmental theme to this wonderful story of a secret train and the animals who try to get on it.

It's A No Money Day - Kate Milner

Award winning author and illustrator Kate Milner has produced this uplifting and hopeful story showing how you don't always need money to enjoy yourself. It also looks at the valuable service provided by foodbanks.

Luna Loves Library Day - Joseph Coelho & Fiona Lumbers

Beautifully illustrated, this also has a book within a book. It's a great story for anyone who loves books and libraries but it's also about families and how reading can bring people together. 

Here We Are: Notes for Living On Planet Earth - Oliver Jeffers

Best selling author & illustrator Oliver Jeffers wrote this amazing book for his own newborn child, and happily for all of us too.

"Our world can be a bewildering place, especially if you've only just got here. Your head will be filled with questions, so let's explore what makes our planet and how we live on it". 

Oh the Places You'll Go - Dr Seuss

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose" This is a great book for those times when life is changing  - a new class, new part of the school, even a new school, to give you a little bit of confidence for the next adventure.

Books with rhymes are also a great way to for children to enjoy and engage with playing with language.

Supertato – Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

Supertato is one of a set of 10  books by Sue Hendra that you'll find in the library. This funny picture book has bright, lively illustrations to support the text and lots of details to spot and share. Can Supertato save the supermarket from the Evil Pea? Some vegetables are frozen for a very good reason…





A Boy Just Like Me - Frasier Cox 

Frasier was just 9 years old when he wrote this book, illustrated by Alison Brown. He entered a competition  with the Book People to write a bedtime story and won. Popular at story time in class,  it's a very human heart-warming story about the author and a refugee boy of the same age who shares the same hopes and dreams and some of the profits from the book were donated to Save the Children. 



A Planet Full of Plastic - Neal Layton

Lots of us are aware that there is a lot of plastic lying around in the world in places it really shouldn't be, like the middle of the ocean. It's not good for the planet and it doesn't go away. This book explains both some of the problems and what we can do about this important issue. 





Handa's Surprise - Eileen Browne

This warm-hearted classic can be enjoyed by even the youngest children. The colourful pictures show Handa on her way to see her friend with a surprise gift. But when she arrives she gets as much of a surprise as her friend! Great for counting and naming animals and fruits.


Mr Tiger Goes Wild - Peter Brown

Mr Tiger lives a rather boring life in a rather boring place and he just wants to be himself and be a bit wild and colourful. So he has to leave town. Follow this cleverly illustrated story to find out what happens when he gets to the wilderness and how everyone feels when they can be more themselves.



Lost & Found - Oliver Jeffries

A lovely tale about how our kind acts don't always work out as we expected, especially where other people are involved. "Not all those who wander are lost." So much of the story is told by the brilliant illustrations. Can't say much more without giving away the end - read it and see!