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Week Beginning 9th November


Please see below for a copy of this week's timetable




We will be looking at story structure (beginning, middle and end) and features of fairytales such as starting with ‘Once upon a time…’

After role-playing the story, we will write our own versions of Goldilocks and the three bears, aiming to use a range of interesting sentence-starters. The children will have to decide if their Goldilocks is deliberately naughty/selfish, or just makes silly decisions.



This week we will be looking at alternative sounds for known graphemes: /c/ as in ‘circus’, /g/  as in ‘giant’, /ch/ as in ‘chef’, /ch/ as in ‘chorus’ and /ea/ as in ‘bread’.



In maths we will look at adding to the ones column, when the answer comes to less than 10 e.g. 14 + 4 = 18.

Then, we will progress to addition where the ones add up to more than 9 so we must exchange for a 10 e.g. 14 + 7 = 21.



In relation to the story of Noah’s ark, we will discuss the concept of Grace that God gives people a second chance, and reflecting on times when we have needed a second chance and times when we have needed to give somebody else a second chance.


Big Picture:

We will investigate the conditions in hospitals before Florence Nightingale, and the changes she was able to make. We will then have a special guest joining the class via Zoom -a real doctor with experience of field hospitals in war zones and other places around the world where hygiene and safety are difficult to maintain. We will compare procedures now with those in the Victorian era and discuss how Florence Nightingale’s ideas have influenced modern hospitals.

The weekly slides and other resources are available on the Year 2 Palm class page at Google Classroom:


Your Google Classroom Username ends with The password is the same as the one for LGFL/USO. If you have lost your login details, please email your class teacher of the school office.