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Week 6 - Week beginning 04/05

Art project on hold

Hello lovelies. 

I said in a daily message last week there would be an art project this week. This is being postponed until next week, as we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE day this week! There will be lots of fun activities to do with this instead, but keep collecting old bottles if you can, so you'll be ready for art next week!




English tasks:


Daily reading



These spellings are from the Year 5/6 spelling list, and the theme this week is 'VE day':


  • Community
  • Neighbour 
  • Cemetery
  • Government
  • Soldier
  • Sacrifice


VE Day writing

Read the following powerpoint, have a think about the questions asked, then have a go at the task below.

Can you write a short diary entry on what VE day must have been like as a child in 1945.

Maybe you're excited that the war is over and are celebrating?

Maybe you are anxiously waiting for your father or brothers to return home?

Maybe you were a child who was evacuated, and you are finally able to go back home and see your family?

You are probably feeling a whole mix of emotions!



Maths task:





English task:


Daily reading


Rainforest comprehension

This is a fiction comprehension; it's part of a story so it might be a nicer read.

And did you know, rainforest cameras are real! I found loads of live webcam streams from wildlife sanctuaries all over the world!

Here is a good one at a watering hole in Kenya, Miss Saffer and I spotted a crocodile!!



Maths tasks:

Go to the link below and watch the Week 2 video; 'Lesson 3 - Understand percentages'.


Afterwards, try the worksheet. You can check your work using the answer sheet.

VE Day Art:

A national holiday was declared on 8th May 1945 and red, white and blue bunting could be bought without ration coupons.

You could make your own bunting and hang inside or outside to help celebrate VE day. Or, you could draw or paint a Union Jack flag to display in your window!





English tasks:


Daily reading


Direct and indirect speech worksheet

Please complete the worksheet on direct and indirect sheet. I have added a helpful powerpoint if you are not so sure!



Maths task:


Arithmatic mini test!


PE task:


Learn some 1940’s dance moves to celebrate VE Day.  Click here to learn the Lindy Hop! 

Perhaps when you have learnt it, you can teach your family!





English tasks:


Daily reading



Can you test yourself on Monday's VE day spellings?

Can you use them in a sentence?


Maths task:

Go to the link below and watch the Week 2 video; 'Lesson 4 - Percentages as fractions and decimals'.


Afterwards, try the worksheet. You can check your work using the answer sheet.


VE Day cooking!

Imagine it is VE day 1945. Why not prepare some food to celebrate the end of the war?

Food was rationed which meant families were only allowed to buy a small amount of certain foods. 


Here are some recipes you could try:


Wartime Carrot Cake


Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic!), Lemonade, Cheese and Marmite Swirls, Carrot Scones  Scroll down to find the recipes.


Wartime Chocolate Cake, Mock Apricot Flan (with carrots)