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Week 4 - Week beginning 20/04

Science project:

A natural scientist (or naturalist) studies plants and animals. You began working as natural scientists before Easter, when you investigated different life cycles. This week, I would like you to complete two tasks to end this science topic. As these are slightly longer tasks, you can choose when to do them.


1) Go on a nature walk and see what different aminals and minibeasts you can spot. This could be done in your garden, or outside. You may need to sit very still and quiet. What can you see, what can you hear, and what can you smell? You could draw or write notes about the things you spot. Hopefully after even 10-15 minutes birds and mini-beasts should be seen and heard.


2) Research the life of a famous natural scientist.

Where and when were they born?

When did they become interested in animals?

Which animals are their favourite?

Do you think it is important to understand how plants and animals live? Why/why not?


Steve Irwin, David Attenborough, Jane Goodall and Steve Backshall are some big names if you can't think of any!





English tasks


Letter writing

Can you write me a letter today?

I'd love to know what you got up to during Easter, how you and your family are doing, and anything else you'd like to tell me.

Did you try anything new, or is there a funny story you can share?

If you write your letter on J2e, I can write a letter back to you!


Quiet reading


Maths tasks:

Go to the link below and watch the Week 1 Lesson 3 video; 'Decimals as Fractions(2)'.


Afterwards, try the worksheet. You can check your work using the answer sheet.


Dancing with Oti Mabuse






English tasks


Quiet reading


Spelling practise

I have chosen some spellings from the Year 5/6 spelling list for you to learn. The theme of these spellings was inspred by some fantastic science work by Fred.









Refugee Week reading comprehension


French task:



Can you teach any French words to a family member today?



Maths tasks:






English tasks


Quiet reading


Brackets, dashes and commas worksheet


Maths tasks:

Watch the Week 1 Lesson 4 video, 'understand thousandths', then complete the worksheet.


Celebrity Thursday!


PE with Joe Wicks


Art with Noel Fielding (from Bake Off!)

This is new and I am excited about it! Noel Fielding hosts an art club with a new theme every Saturday. Last Saturday's theme was Holidays, so any Holiday related art would be very cool.

Noel's words: 'Hello kids it's Art Club! The theme is holidays: holidays you want to go on, or holidays that you've been on. Beach holidays, camping holidays, mini-breaks, city breaks- it's completely up to you!'

A parent could send Noel your creation on twitter or instagram so he can see it too!

Feel free to move this task over to the weekend.


Reading with David Walliams

(audiobook of The World's Worst Children)


Cooking with Jamie Oliver

(Help prepare a meal today)


Maths arithmatic test




English tasks


Quiet reading


Spelling practise

Can you use Monday's spellings in a sentence?


PE task:


Maths tasks:

Watch the Week 1 Lesson 5 video, 'thousandths as decimals', then complete the worksheet.