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Week 3 - Week beginning 30/03



English tasks


Quiet reading


10 minute spelling practise


Creative writing

Can you write me a story inspired by one of the images below?

See if you can include any figurative language (similies, metaphors, personification)

Maths tasks:


Timestable rockstars:



PE with Joe




English tasks


Quiet reading


Rosa Parks reading comprehension


Continue your story from yesterday



French task:





Maths tasks:

You've been doing so well adding and subtracting fractions. I am really impressed with the progress you have all made from just this half term. For the moment, we are going to pause fractions and start thinking about decimals.

Go to the link below and watch the 'Lesson 1' video.


Afterwards, try the decimals worksheet. I have included the answers too so you can check your work.




English tasks


Quiet reading


Prepositional phrases mini test

Maths tasks:


Science task:

Last week, you may have investigated the life cycle of a frog. You will have found out that frogs undergo metamorphosis (meta-more-fo-sis) during their life cycles. Metamorphosis is a stage in the growth of some animals in which they change to look completely different than before.

Most insects also go through metamorphosis. I would like you to choose an insect and research its life cycle. Some of them are really weird!


I like these videos (but you can choose others):




English tasks


Quiet reading


Film review

I bet that at some point this week you have watched a film or two. Even if you haven't, I bet you've watched a few episodes of something. Write me a film review of something you've seen lately, so I know what to watch next!

  • What is it about? (no big spoilers)
  • What did you enjoy/not enjoy about it?
  • Who else would enjoy it?
  • ?/10


Maths tasks:

Today, we will think about decimals as fractions (yay, they're back!!)

Watch Lesson 2, then complete the worksheet.

Do let me know how you are finding these videos and worksheets - if they are too easy/tricky, or you have other difficulties with them.


Celebrity Friday!


PE with Joe Wicks


Maths with Carol Vorderman

(times table check)


Reading with David Walliams

(audiobook of The World's Worst Children)


Cooking with Jamie Oliver

(Help prepare a meal today)


Maths arithmatic test

(if you want to!)