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September 2021 Return to School

Return to School Dates
Staff – Wednesday 1st September (Inset Day – staff only)
Year 1 – 6 – Thursday 2nd  September
Reception /Nursery/Acorns– See individual letters for visit, stay and play and start dates

Plans for our return to school in September 2021

These are our current plans re-opening in September 21 but they may well be subject to change dependent on the progress of the pandemic. It would be helpful if you could discuss the following arrangements with your children before they return:

  • School is compulsory from September 2021
  • Start of day – staff will meet your children at the school gate or other entrance
    • Gates will be open longer to stagger entry between 08.40-08.55
    • Years 1,2 & 3 enter via Woodville Road
    • Years 4,5 & 6 enter via Ashburnham Road
    • Reception  enter via the  hall at 08.55
    • Nursery enter at 08.45 via Nursery entrance
    • If you have more than one child they can all enter via one of the entrances – ideally where your youngest child’s class enters
  • End of day
    • Pick up from playground at 15.15
    • Parents may enter and exit from either the Ashburnham or Woodville Road gates
  • We ask parents to wait for the children to come out of the building and not to enter the school
  • Children should return in full school uniform including school shoes
  • Children should bring a coat to school every day as we will be out in all weathers
  • Ventilation is key so windows will be open into the winter months so children will need to wear more clothes
  • Children should not bring any unnecessary items to school – no pencil case, toys etc.
  • P.E. lessons will take place as normal.  Children in years 3-6 should wear their PE kit to school on their PE days (see Newsletter 40 from July 2021). For Reception to Y2 P.E. kits should remain in school and will be sent home at the end of the half term
  • Swimming lessons will recommence for Years 1-6 in September and for Reception after half term.
  • Fit for Sport will continue to run afterschool care
  • After-school clubs will return to normal
  • Year 6 PGL and Year 5 TYM trips going ahead as normal
  • We will continue our daily heightened cleaning regime, including regular handwashing and enhanced cleaning of classrooms, toilets and communal areas
  • School meals service returns to normal with our new provider Caterlink
  • There is currently no requirement for social distancing in terms of distance between pupils in their individual classrooms or bubbles
  • Currently children and adults who have been double vaccinated will not be required to self-isolate, even if they have been in contact with a positive Covid19 case
  • All payments must be via Scopay only. If this is a problem contact us immediately
  • We will continue to advise anyone showing any symptoms to be urgently tested and to self-isolate until the results and for at least 48 hours. And to share the results with us immediately
  • If your child presents with symptoms in school you will be called immediately and they will be isolated within school until parent/carer arrives
  • In the event of a confirmed case of covid-19 we will keep you informed via text/email/website and will be following the government guidelines


Our Covid-19 Risk Assessment is available on the website and is regularly reviewed and updated.

If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email Mrs Palmer ( and she will try to respond as soon as possible.