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Welcome to our Library pages.


Reading for Pleasure


Reading is vital for your learning: it teaches you, gives you information and ideas, helps with spelling and grammar, enables you to become a better writer. All of this is important.


But it's also so much more than that. A book can take you to new places, let you explore the world, delve into the past or fast forward to the future, experience someone else's life, understand new ideas, challenge your thinking, make you question everything.  It can comfort you, cheer you up, make you cry, make you laugh, sustain you, help you know that it's o.k to be you, inspire, fire your imagination, develop your creativity, even change your life completely.


And all of this is waiting in our libraries.


So read. Read to learn of course, but also read for pleasure. And in these pages let's share our thoughts, recommendations & reviews and guide each other, on a journey that will last a lifetime.